On site facilities

Indicative plan

AARRE Village will include well-designed modern facilities that are centered around the authenticity and culture of the Finnish Lakeland in order to meet the identified consumer needs while at the same time providing them with a transformational experience.

Viewing Deck

The creation of a 12-15m viewing deck will provide the AARRE Village with an eye-catching element and will allow the guests to enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Lake Saimaa. Aside from serving as a guest attraction, the viewing deck allows for a private dining option for a romantic dinner on a summer evening. Available on request by the client.

Boat Docking

The boat harbor will be an essential element for AARRE Village, creating additional value for the property. It will allow the hotel to dock its own boats for the fishing experience and also cater to visitors who wish to reach the resort by boat. These visitors either being restaurant guests or hotel clients. For the visitors who simply wish to stay the night on their boat, a docking fee will be charged for the use of electricity. A boat caretaker will always be on-site to respond to all boat owners’ requests.


AARRE Village will transform one of the old remaining fishing school buildings into a distillery in order to create AARRE’s very own whiskey that can be offered and sold to its guests. Hotel guest’s will have the option to visit the installation and to be educated about the art of whiskey making. External guest’s will be allowed to join this experience and to have their very own chance to own an AARRE whiskey bottle.


AARRE Village provides a small amphitheater close to the lake which will host special events that range from plays to comedy shows in order to entertain guests during the evening. It has the possibility to host a special event every summer in partnership with the Savonlinna Opera festival to attract outside guest’s.


The lighthouse will make sure that boats manage to reach safely the AARRE Village during the nighttime or in case of any special weather conditions.


Two parking lots will be available. The eastern parking lot will be privatized for all villa owners while the western parking lot will be allocated to the hotel guests.

Tennis Court

During the summer months, clients will enjoy the possibility to make use of the 2 tennis courts with the option to receive personal training from an experienced tennis coach from Savonlinna.

Staff Village

On the premises there will be an allocated building for employee housing. This building is currently already in place and will undergo minor refurbishments in order to house the seasonal staff and to fit in the overall design of AARRE Village. The housing will be offered in order to attract the additional seasonal staff during the busy summer months.


A horse ranch will be created and maintained, in partnership with locals, on site at AARRE Village. People from the region of Lake Saimaa will have the opportunity to stall their horses for free at AARRE Village stables, where a hotel employee will take care of them. All of this under the condition that the hotel is authorized to offer horseback riding activities to its guests.

Pier Saunas

In addition to the spa, there will be 2 saunas located on a pier at AARRE Village to provide the guest with a unique sauna experience while being in contact with the sheer beauty and tranquility of Lake Saimaa.

Hemingway’s Room

The common room offers the guests a place to relax, play and socialize. A fireplace, drinks, games, and books will be at their disposal.

Cigar Lounge

The cigar lounge allows the guests to enjoy a nice exotic cigar in an authentic setting. The room will be connected to the bar, which will serve them their drinks.

Meeting Room

AARRE Village will have one meeting room in order to cater to any possible business or corporate clients. The meeting room will have an estimated size of 80 sqm.

Fishing Island & Ice-Fishing Huts

For the clients unwilling to brave the real fishing experience, a fishing island will be created in order to cater to all levels of fishing. The island itself will be accessible by foot, and will be fully equipped with all fishing equipment. Furthermore, ice-fishing huts will be installed on the lake in the winter time. They will provide the guests with the opportunity to enjoy a Finnish tradition in true luxury on Lake Saimaa.

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